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Put some shoes on, little buddy
ZZ Top - La Grange / David Lee Roth - Runnin' With The Devil
( gw40 mash )
Jim & Don test out the DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 on GVC
Fire No Fire - Jimi Hendrix
( gw40 remix )
Where's the film?? It's at
Es Nuestro Momento
J Balvin vocal / music & production by gw40
Travis Thibodaux - Apologize
( gw40 tweak )
Tyra Juliette - Don't Make Me Wait
Vocals: Tyra Juliette -
Music & Production: Glenn Barre
Any Line Can Flow
Janes Addiction - Hypersonic
Jurrasic 5 - Day At The Races
The Donnas - Take It Off
( gw40 superMash )
gw40 - Guitar Smatterings
with a dash of help from
Eddie Skambit
The Claw
Vrothwrothkrien Von Talon Barron
ALL JACKED UP for the 2016 reunion gig
( gw40 )
101 Funk - featuring Mr. Bass Man
Short Attention Span Edit
LIVE! From the basement!
WSB 2018 Reunion
Sweet Bodilation
gw40 featuring Professor Pickle - circa 2002
Grant My Wishes
gw40 remix of 5aint's instrumental track "Give 2 Get"
Arrangement, vocals & additional guitars by gw40
Movie pitch? You want a movie pitch? I got yer movie pitch right here
Somebody get me Les Grossman on the horn
Don't Click Me. NO!
Who wants to take a roadtrip ?
We do, we do !
Don't Press This Button